Current Exhibition

Jarvis Hall Gallery is pleased to open the fall season with two solo exhibitions by Larissa Tiggelers and Jeremy Pavka.

Larissa Tiggelers

tender waves make the softest gestures

September 15 – October 14, 2017

Larissa Tiggelers’ abstract painting process includes withdrawing from external concerns into intensive and contemplative colour mixing. She disregards scholarly attempts to standardize and rationalize colour through colour theory in order to embrace the unknowability of colour and enter a place of quiet contemplation. This is articulated in a discreet, almost shy colour palette and the discernible care enacted on the painting’s surface. Colour is foregrounded through spatial ambiguity, while gestural authorship is minimized through the gentle, abstemious application of paint


Jeremy Pavka

heart of gold, stomach of steel

September 15 – October 14, 2017

Heart of Gold, Stomach of Steel uses humour, craftsmanship and material choices in search of a punchline. By considering the presence and absence of the artist’s hand, Pavka creates settings resembling a lifestyle full of leisure and luxury. Playing with symbolisms of contemporary class, and the prevalence of activewear, fine dining traditions, comfort food trends, and nature imagery Pavka represents familiar scenarios through multiple mediums.  

Jeremy Pavka (b. 1987, Lethbridge Alberta) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Calgary, Alberta and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Media Arts + Digital Technologies from the Alberta College of Art + Design (2011). Pavka’s practice uses analogue and digital technologies combined with comedic tropes to create laborious renditions of the everyday. 




Upcoming Exhibitions


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