Current Exhibition

weird woman

July 28th – September 9th, 2017

Jarvis Hall is pleased to present weird woman, a group show curated by artist, Sondra Meszaros. We hope you will join us to celebrate the opening reception next Friday, July 28th, between 5-8 pm.  The exhibition will feature works by: Karen Azoulay / Claire Greenshaw / Jenine Marsh / Mary Morgan / Carmen Winant 



a weird woman

weird woman considers a woman in relationship to nature through acts of resilience, resistance, and representation; at the root of the show is a move beyond identity that reflects a ‘becoming-nature’ sentiment. Drawing influences from communes and utopian societies of women this exhibition uses radically deconstructive ways of being to make a dissonant space that is inhabited by strange companions and uncanny communications. The artists of weird woman all make work that is deeply intuitive and comfortable with being the agitator, disturbing expectations, and creating complicated narratives by harnessing and challenging the inherent connection woman have to nature which brands them as having ‘weird’ qualities and supernatural powers. Together these gestures conjure a troubling of the assumptions that prop up clichés which still so often reduce woman to a symbolic currency, shaking loose a new way of thinking about authorship, impulses, and willful/wayward ways of representing.

she is a weird woman

JHG would like to thank Sondra for her vision and tireless efforts in bringing this exceptional exhibition together.  


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