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it’s damned if you don’t and it’s damned if you do

November 24 – December 22, 2017

Opening Reception / Friday November 24th 2017 / 6-9 pm
Artist in attendance.

Jarvis Hall Gallery is pleased to welcome Sondra Meszaros to our gallery roster. Our summer exhibition Weird Woman, shone light on Meszaros impressive curatorial abilities, offering a refreshing look at contemporary feminist creation. With it’s damned if you don’t and it’s damned if you do Meszaros’ first solo exhibition at JHG, she explores counter narratives of female sexuality in relation to nature and fetishism within her own work. Taking her cues from Dada and feminist collage as well as 19th century correspondence practices, Meszaros has been accumulating and archiving reference materials that have occupied her studio allowing for the original references to morph and change in meaning over time.

“There are multiple threads to working in this manner that intersect at points and fold onto one another as I am working. By using feminist and psychoanalytic lenses to sort through found images, I aim to engage a process that dismantles, disturbs, and renegotiates. Pulling inspiration from archetypal patterns in folklore, little-known animist myths, and pagan storytelling. I reinterpret associations with nature and the feminine.” 
– S. Meszaros

Meszaros graduated with honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design and received her MFA from the University of Windsor. She is the recipient of several prestigious awards with her work being placed in many international private collections and her work is prominently displayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto. She currently teaches within the drawing department of the Alberta College of Art and Design. 


sediments and sunlight

November 24 – December 22, 2017

Opening Reception / Friday November 24th, 2017 / 6-9 pm
Artist in attendance.

We are excited to once again be presenting a new body of work by Tyler LosJones. The photographs included in sediments and sunlight focus on the material history of the Crowsnest Pass area of South Western Alberta. In 2015 LosJones was selected to attend the Gushul Residency Program in Blairmore Alberta. While there, LosJones observed physical markers left by nature or man at landmarks from the Crowsnest Pass area. 

“The photographs included in Sediments and Sunlight focus on the material history of the Crowsnest Pass area of South Western Alberta. The exposed strata of the mountains surrounding Crowsnest Pass serve as a reminder of the extraordinary amount of time and energy which has produced our environment. Found within the layers of strata are seams of coal; dense black bands of compressed extinct organisms who thrived over 100 million years ago. These ancient plants spent their lives storing solar energy through photosynthesis. In spite of the vast expanse of time which separates our lives from theirs, the warmth of the energy they collected can be felt when we burn Crowsnest coal today. Crowsnest Pass is not a location where the myth of a static, objective or disconnected landscape has much credence; the area is notable for the relationship it’s inhabitants have to a dynamic environment. We only have to look to Turtle Mountain and the devastation caused by the infamous Frank Slide of 1903 to be reminded of how seemingly static environments are patiently waiting for the moment when they can embrace raucous activity. Markers signifying the many ways people navigate and relate to this shifting environment are scattered throughout Crowsnest Pass; these markers have informed the work included in Sediments and Sunlight.” –  T. LosJones

Since graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2007, Tyler LosJones has produced objects and images using a range of media including photography, sculpture, handmade books, and installations. LosJones‘ work is included in the permanent collections of the Banff Centre, TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank of Canada, City of Calgary, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the Government of Canada.

Tyler LosJones exhibition a slow light is being presented by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery from December 9, 2017 – February 4th, 2018. JHG hopes you will be able to visit Lethbridge to take in this exhibition. Congratulations to SAAG (a slow light 2017-18) and Confederation Centre of the Arts (look slowly and all that moves 2018) for collaborating on joint exhibitions in Lethbridge and Charlottetown with Tyler LosJones


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