At Jarvis Hall Gallery, we are committed to making the finest hand crafted gold, silver water gilded picture frames available in Canada. Working closely with our clients, using time tested, traditional methods our frames have the ability to achieve a level of structure and beauty that propel them to the level of fine art objects. Jarvis’ passion is to create the best frame for the work of art, be it simple and clean or a flurry of ornate decoration.


At Jarvis Hall Gallery each of our hand carved water gilded picture frames begin with Basswood, a soft hardwood wood with a closed grain that is relatively easy to manipulate with shapers and by hand carving. Each frame we produce for a client’s work of art is a one of a kind creation. We mill the wood, cut mitres in moulding and hand carve ornamentation specific to the artwork. Once the finish is applied to the frame and the artwork mounted, we believe that the art is supported and enhanced in a way that is not achievable by using mass produced chop and join frames.

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